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Certified Relationship Coach | Speaker 

I was in a marriage that was a hot mess! 

I was married to a man who didn't see me as my true self, which made it difficult for him to envision the woman I was fighting so hard to become.  At one point, I was responsible for everything, and was struggling to make our monthly bill payments on time.  I was constantly frustrated and unhappy, and knew that marriage was not supposed to be depressing; mine was.  We tried counseling, and as our session ended as we were heading toward the door, the counselor said to us, "You guys have got some serious problems!" We were doomed, and I knew it, even before saying, 'I do."


When that marriage came to it's inevitable demise, I wanted to blame the entire failed relationship on him.  It was just easier that way! But, I knew I couldn't do that with a clear conscience, nor could I grow from simply placing blame.  I've always been into researching, learning and discovering all that I could about interpersonal relationships, love and sex, so this was a new opportunity and reason to do more studying. 


A Relationship Coach was conceived! 

Nine months after my marriage ended, I met and later fell in love with my now-husband, and love of my life, Tommy! Ten months after that, he was proposing to me at his birthday party in front of family and friends.  Women from all parts of my life kept asking me, "How did you do that?", wondering how I went from one marriage, to another relationship that resulted in marriage in such a short time span, while they'd been single for so long... several years for some of them.  I began giving out advice left and right without even thinking about it.  I came to the realization rather quickly that there are a lot of women that just don't know how to date! 

A Relationship Coach was born! 

If you can change your mind... you can change your life! 

 Dee Strickland 

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