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Black Love Couples Spotlight: Meet Darien & Mariah

1) How long have you two been a couple and how did you meet? (say as much as you'd like!)  We've been together for almost seven years and met in college at Cal State Northridge. We lived in the same freshman dorms, he lived on the 4th floor and I stayed on the 3rd. We were introduced by a mutual friends and developed a really strong friendship from there. Three years later, we became a couple.  2) What is your secret to making your marriage work?  There is no secret. We feel like as a young couple, we learn as we go. There are so many trials and tribulations that you experience in marriage. In which some you've never experienced before. However, how we keep our marriage strong and standing is by continuing to make effort to spend quality time together. Such as date night, time away from our baby, and just being able to enjoy each others company. We also believe prayer and communication play major roles in our relationship. Essentially, every relationship is different. So figuring out what works best for you is most important. But these definitely work for us. 

3) What was the biggest misconception you had about marriage? What do you know now? We didn't necessarily have any misconceptions about marriage because we really went in figuring things out as they go. And it's still a learning process for us. But one thing we can say we learned, is understanding the amount of commitment that is put in a marriage in comparison to a relationship. When you are a couple, the option to leave is less complimented and comes with less implications than married. Not only have you devoted sacrifice, time, and vows to one another, but it is also fairly expensive and has so much financial investments that are put into it. What is LITERALLY yours, is the others and what affects him can affect you. You two become one after paperwork is signed. 

4) How did you both know that the other was "the one"? Mariah: I knew he was the one when I saw the amount of loyalty he gave me during our friendship. I went through a lot in college, and he took the time to listen to my story and not judge me off of my past. And most importantly accepted me for who I was.. The good and the bad.  Darien: I knew she was the one when I saw the drive she had in life which inspired me to work harder. I admired her ambition and love how dedicated she was to achieving her goals and aspirations.  

5) What is the best advice that you would give to other married couples? To singles hoping to get married? 

Our advice would be to do what is best for you. Society says you have to do so and have to follow and live up to these standards and exceptions that may not be your own. And that's ok. Every relationship is different and you definitely have to figure out what works for the both of you. For our single people out there, don't loose hope and and appreciate your singleness. This is the time to fall in love yourself and figure out what you want in life and when you least expect it, your significant other will come. Just remember you can't give someone else something that you cant provide yourself. 

Thank you Darien & Mariah for exemplifying Black Love!



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