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Black Love Couples Spotlight: The Johnsons

1) How long have you two been a couple and how did you meet?

We have been a married couple for 7 years now. We met November 2011 and we were married September 12 2012. It was love at first laugh. We instantly clicked when he invited me over for a party. We were neighbors at the time and we bonded so fast. It felt so genuine and so pure. He had a daughter and I had my 3 children and we share our youngest son. 

2) What is your secret to making your marriage work? 

I think for us it would have to be communication and understanding. We talk our issues out and we take time to see each other’s view. We argue less and it creates this connection that neither of us has ever had with anyone else. 

3) What was the biggest misconception you had about marriage? What do you know now?

That it’s hard. If you genuinely love someone marriage is not a struggle. We get to know each other more and more each day. When you love someone you are able to let go of your “ways” and soften your heart to the person you promised to love and honor. 

4) How did you both know that the other was "the one"?

The desire to spend everyday with each other. We started as friends so being with each other daily was so easy. When things got closer we realized that we enjoyed each other so much and that feeling was so new and euphoric.

5) What is the best advice that you would give to other married couples? To singles hoping to get married? 

Listen to each other and love your partner the way your Partner wants to be loved. when you are married you have to give 100% on both ends at all times.  To the singles hoping to get married; continue to love yourself, know your worth, and build your confidence. Your self love will attract your life partner and give you an option to choose your match vs settling for something toxic just to find that happiness 

Thank you, Johnson Family, for allowing us to showcase everyday Black Love!


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