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Dating vs. Chilling

Let's talk about the differences between dating and chilling. I’m finding that too many women are getting sucked into chilling with a guy, when they truly desire to be dating. We’ve all heard the term, “Netflix and Chill”, it’s basically a dating mantra in this day and age. But, is chilling eliminating romance?

Let me be clear in saying that I don’t see anything wrong with a date night in every now and then, but definitely not on a first date. Maybe not even on the first couple of dates.

Here’s why; chilling is too casual of a “date”, and it promotes hook ups. If you are dating with a purpose, this is counterproductive! There’s no real time or space to discuss your values, desires or hobbies. Eliminating the “getting to know you” part of the date can make the road to a relationship extra long and even more bumpy!

Honestly, chilling is a cop out! He’s refusing to give you the time and energy it requires to actually date you. You basically stay in and do things you could have easily done alone. New shared experiences are all on the back burner once you start chilling.

Check back later this week for the #My2Cents segment where I respond to a question about how to turn a friends with benefits into a relationship.


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