Reconnect This Weekend by Making a Couples Vision Board

If you want to transform your relationship and your life; create a vision board! The vision board trend has picked up a lot, and usually you see individuals creating a vision for their future as a means of manifesting what they want for their future selves. Creating a Couples or Relationship Vision Board serves the same purpose, but it gives you a chance to reconnect and collaborate with your spouse to create a vision for your life and family.

A Vision Board is only as good as it's intention. Sit down with your spouse and really think about, "What do we want our lives to look like a year from now... 5 years from now?"

Here are my tips for creating a Couples Vision Board:

  • Have fun and get crafty!!

  • Discuss your desired wants, feelings, and expectations

  • Write down the intention behind your vision board and stick it somewhere on the board as a reminder!

  • Divide your board into categories: Relationship & Family, Finances, Career/Business, Travel & Leisure, Education & Hobbies, Spirituality, Material Possessions

This fun DIY project is something you can do this very weekend! Spend time reconnecting with your spouse and manifesting an amazing future together!



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