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Shoot Your Shot!

I've decided to deem this month, Shoot Your Shot September! So, I couldn't just send you out there into the uncharted territory of shooting your shot without giving you a game plan, now could I? No way!

Ladies, there's an art to shooting your shot without coming across as aggressive, too forward, or like you want to pursue the guy. The object of the game is to choose your guy, shoot your shot, and then leave the pursuing to him! Now, I know you're probably wondering, 'Dee, how do I make the first move and still get him to pursue me?'

This is my tried and true method for you to do the choosing while he does the chasing! Below I break down exactly how the "You choose, he chases" method, can be used! Give it a shot (pun intended lol), and let me know how this works out for you!

Shoot Your Shot - You Choose, He Chases Method:

Step One - Ask a Question

You want to open the door of communication with a question! Whether you are asking something as simple as the time or for directions, or asking something a bit more inquisitive, this gets the conversation started without much effort. So, you've been checking out a nice looking guy in the gym, here's how you can start the convo with a question, "You look like you're in pretty good shape. Would you mind showing me a couple of exercises to tone my arms?"

Once the conversation has sparked, you can start to feel him out and do a little bit of flirting. Is he as interesting as he is handsome? If not, thank him and move on! If so, on to step two...

Step Two - Introduction

The conversation should be off to an okay start, he's responsive and not being short... you can feel when someone isn't interested! So, don't play yourself! If he seems to be enjoying the advance you made so far, go ahead and introduce yourself and ask his name. "Look at me being rude! You're practically my personal trainer and we don't even know each other's names. I'm Dee... and you are?"

Step Three - Make an Exchange

Now that you've introduced yourself, it's time to seal the deal! You've done the work of flirting and making your interest known. If he's passed the test, and seems interested as well, it's time to give him your phone number! You DON'T want to take his number! Remember, you choose... he chases! Leave the pursuing to him!

Your confidence to not only say something first, but you gave him the number. He will be intrigued and he will call! Check back on the blog when I teach you how to secure the first date!

Also, join the Shoot Your Shot September Challenge! Enter for a chance to win a sexy gift basket!

Ciao for now,


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