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Hey, you!

The struggle is real... I get it and I'm here to help! 

I want to work with clients who are ready and willing to work hard. Clients that understand that challenges may arise, and the process may be uncomfortable at times.

In order to create meaningful progress, they are willing to contribute to the development of the therapeutic relationship.

The goal is to improve self-esteem, process, and heal from trauma, and apply healthy coping skills.

Dee Strickland

Marriage & Family Therapist

Dating / Relationship Coach 

Many of my clients seek my assistance due to experiencing anxiety that affects various aspects of their lives. They find themselves in a perpetual state of apprehension, constantly plagued by worries about the future and easily provoked irritability. Anxiety diminishes the joy of living by inundating your mind with relentless "what-ifs" and granting undue influence to your fears.

Relationship Stress

Struggling with relationship issues? You're not alone. Whether it's long-distance challenges, parenting stress, or the aftermath of a breakup, relationship difficulties are more common than you may realize. No matter the type of relationship, my clients often seek guidance in establishing healthy boundaries to effectively navigate these obstacles.

Does this sound familiar? 


Let's face it. Navigating life transitions can be challenging. Whether you're settling into the workplace or adapting to new phases of adulthood, worry can easily overwhelm you. Are you finding yourself stuck trying to figure out what’s next in life and career? I understand. You need someone by your side to guide you through this transition, and I'm here to provide the support you need.

Life Transitions

I have two pathways to help you tame the overwhelm and create a life you'll love


Individual/Group Coaching 

Group Coaching Programs: Empowered Together!

My dynamic programs are designed exclusively for women who are determined to take charge of their dating lives and relationships. Offering an affordable solution, they provide a supportive environment for like-minded individuals to achieve their relationship goals!

Personalized Coaching Programs: Unleash Your Potential!

And if group settings aren't your cup of tea, fear not! I also offer personalized programs tailored specifically to your needs. Get ready to embark on a transformative journey towards love and fulfillment!


Individual / Couples Therapy

Individual Therapy: Discover Your Inner Power!

Individual therapy is a transformative journey tailored uniquely to you. Unlock your true potential, gain self-awareness, and overcome personal obstacles. Together, we'll pave the way to a happier, more fulfilling life.


Couples Therapy: Reignite the Spark!


Couples therapy is a catalyst for reigniting the flame in your relationship. Reconnect, communicate, and foster a deeper bond with your partner. Let's navigate challenges together and create a love that stands the test of time.

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