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It's Time For You To Focus Your Energy On Things That Will Push You Toward Success.
I Can Help You Get There!

true change takes action
Discover the transformative path to becoming your most exceptional self, guided by my unwavering support. Whether you want to unlock the secrets to a thriving love life, conquer your anxiety/depression/trauma, or rewrite your relationship story. Together, let's sculpt the masterpiece of your life. 
My Approach
If you are looking for a therapist who gets it, I mean reallllly gets it, i'm your girl. We will meet virtually over a hippa-compliant, secure platform where you can be in control of your safe space. I use an integrated approach as I am trained in several modalities that I sprinkle in based on each client's or couple's needs. 

I only see self pay clients for therapy in the state of California virtually through
Desert Rose Trauma Center
Unfortunately, at this time, I am unable to accept insurance. 

Please contact me directly for sliding scale fee schedule.

Need more info? Schedule a free consultation below.

If you are unsure which service will be best for you, send me a message

& we will figure it out together.

Need therapy?
Sessions are available

Sometimes you need to take it one session at a time. I work with individuals (18+), couples of all kinds; pre-marital, dating, married, breaking up/separating, and everything in between, and families. 

1:1 Coaching

Take the Wheel of Your Destiny and Secure Your Exclusive VIP Pass to Personalized Coaching!


Together, we'll sculpt a personalized roadmap to success, demolish obstacles, and steer your life towards extraordinary achievements. Don't wait any longer—let's unlock your full potential and embark on this exhilarating journey side by side!

I have limited availability for 1:1 coaching clients.

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