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Girl Game

Girl Game is here to empower you and transform your love life into something extraordinary.

🎮💖 Curate Positive Connections: Girl Game equips you with the skills to attract positive and genuine connections. Uncover the secrets to building meaningful relationships that uplift and support you on your journey.

📱💋 Master the Art of Texting: Say goodbye to endless guessing games and hello to effective communication. Girl Game shows you how to unlock the power of texting, allowing you to captivate quality men and build an irresistible connection right from your phone.

💍💖 Make Quality Men Commit: Tired of dating men who aren't ready to commit? Girl Game will help you unlock the key to attracting quality men who are seeking a committed relationship. Discover the techniques that will make them want to take things to the next level.

Join the Girl Game coaching program today and unleash your dating potential like never before! Don't settle for less when you can have it all.


"I thought I knew how to date... I thought wrong! Since completing the Girl game program, my dating life is actually fun and not daunting like it used to be. Even though I still have not found my Mr. Right, I am enjoying dating! I went from barely going on dates, to being booked and busy!"

Nisha, Nevada

"Since completing Girl Game I have had such a confidence boost in dating. I've discovered a new side of me that allows me to connect to men in a new way. I learned how to flirt with confidence which has literally changed the game!"

Tiffany, California

4 Week 
Coaching Program

Program Outcomes 

  • Attract quality, marriage-minded men

  • Design a quality dating experience that's enjoyable 

  • Develop skills that inspire quality men to commit 

  • Curate positive connections while dating 

  • Embrace your individuality and set yourself apart from the crowd

"From the moment I enrolled in the program, Dee's passion and expertise were evident. Her genuine commitment to helping women like me succeed in love and relationships shone through every session. Dee's insights and guidance allowed me to uncover the secrets to magnetizing partners who shared my values and long-term goals. I now have a deeper understanding of what I truly desire in a partner, and I feel confident in my ability to attract the right kind of person into my life." 

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