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It's Not Him...
It's You!

Are you longing for or have the goal of a deep, committed love or even the bliss of marriage? Well, here's the truth: a goal without a plan is just a fleeting wish. 

I've walked miles in your fabulous shoes! I, like you, had grown weary of:⁠

✔️ Failed Relationships⁠
✔️ Attracting, dating, and falling for all the wrong types⁠
✔️ Heartache over unworthy partners⁠
✔️ Trying to revive hopeless situations⁠

But guess what? I put in the work, transformed my dating life, and finally found, fell in love with, and married the man of my wildest dreams! 

It's time to stop wishing and start taking charge! My game-changing coaching program, "It's Not Him... It's You!" Designed exclusively for incredible women like you, this program will revolutionize your dating life!

Sign Me Up, Sis!

"Personally it amazed me how beauty stigmas, childhood hurt, even relatives I hadn't forgiven, all played key parts into habits and behaviors I initiated and condoned in relationships. Dee's dating plans and guides helped us navigate these merky truths about ourselves and helped us form another truth: We are worth it!"

Kayla, California

"One of the main things that stood out to me from the program was setting standards and enforcing them. I applied the things I learned with an old flame that wanted to rekindle. Since we decided to try again, everything has been practically perfect! On Christmas, he proposed and I said YES!" 

ShaRonda, Illinois

"This woman knows what she is talking about. Her knowledge and accuracy of information is refreshing. Dee created a judgement free safe space for women to be women. The group provided accountability and support in the best ways! I got so much out of the program. Dee knows her stuff! Period!" 

Tasha, California 

Group Coaching Program

Program Outcomes

  • Increased self-esteem; especially in your dating/relationship life

  • Understand what it means to be a "high value" woman 

  • Decipher a man's intentions through his words and actions; recognizing the signs

  • Choosing the type of man you want instead of waiting and hoping to be chosen

  • Increased clarity on dating wants and tools on exactly how to get it

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